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SellersFunding launches in the UK and Canada

Aug 22, 2019 12:50:17 PM

We’re excited to officially announce our presence in the UK and Canada.

SellersFunding is ready to take over the world! With our recent expansion in the United Kingdom and Canada, the company is now ready for new challenges and aim to help more companies get funded.

It won’t stop there. The goal is to expand to the rest of Europe and explore new ways to help sellers in specific achieve their goals and grow without having the usual issues like cashflow gaps from selling the product to getting the profit.
The United Kingdom and Canada are the new additions to the fast-growing company. An aggressive, driven position has been taken, and after only two years, 10,000 users, and supporting more than $1B in sales globally, there is a plan to expand even more. The rest of Europe is targeted next by the company. "Our mission is to make obsolete those funding challenges that have been historically difficult for online sellers to navigate,” said Ricardo Pero, CEO of Sellersfunding.

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