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ROI Calculator for E-Commerce Sellers

Jul 26, 2019 2:22:42 PM


Return on investment is an important factor whenever considering a business loan! The SellersFunding ROI Calculator helps E-Commerce Sellers simulate how much return they can get of the capital invested to grow their business.

Unlock your business full potential and get working capital to start growing your E-Commerce today!

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sellersfunding-app-my-dashboardSign up now and unlock amazing benefits today! Get access to powerful insights for your e-commerce business, monthly updated such as: pre-qualification for funding, estimated business valuation, Visinger Score, sales projection and amazing exclusive offers for registered users.


We update monthly your pre-qualification for business funding. Using only publicly available information with no commitment and zero impact on your credit score you will be able to check how much your business is pre-qualified for funding and decide when is the right time to take it.

One-click Capital

If you decide to connect your marketplace account, we will be able to show your business pre-approved amount for funding every time you log into your dashboard on SellersFunding APP. Accept the offer and take the funds in one click.

E-Commerce Valuation

We have partnered with some of the most active players on e-commerce M&A to create a business model that enables you to check your company’s valuation updated monthly. Sign up and check how much value you are adding on a monthly basis.

Visinger Score

Our Technology considers public information, such as feedbacks, reviews, products, rankings, evolution, history and more to determine how reliable a company is and forecast its performance for the upcoming months. Check now how your business is performing today.

Amazing Offers from Partners

We have partnered with the most influential e-commerce service providers to guarantee to our users the best offers available: Advertising, Multi-channel Sales, Products Research, Accountants, M&A, Inventory Management, Pricing and more.

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