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Check the New Empowery & SellersFunding Partnership.

May 14, 2019 3:58:42 PM

BREAKING NEWS for eCommerce Sellers! 

SellersFunding partnered with Empowery, an eCommerce Cooperative that is about uniting the power of individual Internet Sellers so that each member can grow their businessess and accomplish more by working together.

Check out an excellent chat made between our CEO Ricardo Peró and the Empowery's board director Melissa Simonson to announce this amazing partnership. In this great interview, Ricardo Peró spoke about how SellersFunding saw an opportunity to help e-commerce sellers with a new model of online business funding. Because traditional lending companies don’t understand the complexities that sellers usually face, or don’t want to change their business model, they end up charging fees without an adequate time regarding e-commerce sellers lead time (sales cycle between the purchase order to sale).

See the video below and check now how you can benefit your online business with this amazing partnership. 



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