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2019 Amazon Growth Hacks | Quick Guide for Amazon Sellers

Mar 1, 2019 12:52:51 PM

SF_Amazon_Growth_HacksSince its inception as an online bookseller in the 1990s, the Amazon's e-commerce platform can truly be called a retail innovator. Nowadays, its reach is nearly 50% of internet users in the US and its website amazon.com receives more than 2 billion visitors monthly.

Have you already developed your Amazon Store business plan for 2019? Don’t assume that selling on the world’s largest online marketplace is an instant ticket to riches. If you don’t follow rules and adopt Amazon seller best practices, the road to success will be long and uphill.

1) Follow Setup Rules
One of the best advices is simple: follow Amazon’s setup rules. That starts with filling in every possible blank on the files that you upload to your Amazon Store.

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2) Price is a major motivator
Price is the number one reason users give for shopping on Amazon, so it’s critical to be able to compete on price, particularly if you’re selling a product that’s also sold by many other resellers.

3) Fulfillment by Amazon offers a competitive edge
FBA products are eligible for Prime shipping and FREE super saver delivery, which is a major customer benefit. With FBA, Amazon handles tracking, returns, and customer inquiries. Of course, all those benefits don’t come free, you can expect to pay fulfillment fees.

4) Owning the Buy Box is the path to success
The Buy Box definitely favors lower prices and Amazon fulfillment, which they consider to be a stronger guarantee of positive customer experience. The Buy Box is even more important on mobile where other sellers are given even less prominence.

5) Amazon SEO requires maintenance
Search visibility is key to success on Amazon. According to Amazon, search is the number one way users find products on their platform, so in order to have success on the platform you need to invest in optimizing your listings.

6) Amazon Advertising
A successful strategy is more about advertising products people are searching for, and making sure that if something  is a trending item, you’re using all of the keywords that are trending in the listing to be found.

7) Business funding is an opportunity to grow
To help Amazon sellers gain access to the capital they need to grow, an online business funding company may be a great solution.

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